Critical Reflection (Finale)

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This is one of the modules that I look forward to the next lesson, as the teaching materials are very dynamic. Various ways were also used to select the sequence to know whose turn to present next, and I think this is very unique. For instance, in every week, new ways were introduced to sequence the groups’ presentation slot, such as using student’s height from tallest to shortest, to using the residential address in alphabetical order, and many more interesting methods. This enabled me to learn outside of my comfort zone by working with classmates whom I have never worked with them before.

One of my favourite part of the class is actually presenting in front of my peers, but this only happened after several sessions of practicing. Through many sessions of presenting, I learned to become a more interactive presenter and rely less on the screen as a ‘pacifier’. I believe that this will definitely serve as an advantage for me when speaking up in the real workplace, by appearing more confident in front of my colleagues and managers.

The most rewarding assignment to me is the training video. This is because I learned how to edit videos which I had never done before, thus it was fairly challenging. However, I am glad that the outcome of our video is quite positive.

Overall, the past twelve weeks have been a fruitful learning experience. Personally, I feel that the module was designed very effectively, in a sense that the assignments are fairly paced, sufficient time is given to complete them, and most importantly they are relevant to the workplace context.

Thank you all for reading my final post, and thank you so much, Brad, for all your feedback, enthusiasm in teaching, and patience!



One thought on “Critical Reflection (Finale)

  1. Thank you, Jo, for this highly detailed, heartfelt reflection on the CPDII module. I’m happy that you found it useful in a variety of ways, and that you note not just topic areas and tasks but also the pedagogical approach, such as having many ‘sessions of practicing’ for the presentations and the means by which students were organized into small work groups. It’s always good to know that someone is paying attention to those details.

    It also warms my heart that you feel you gained so much from the video you did. That’s good to hear, and it was great watching your team develop its ideas.

    Of course, it would be ideal if you can transfer some of these various skills and know-how learned or polished in our module to future study and the workplace demands.

    I have to add that I especially appreciate your many contributions to the class during the term, Jo. You were one of the students who I knew I could count on to answer a question or to get the ball rolling on a new activity. Having students like you in a class really makes teaching/mentoring a true pleasure. That’s what we live for!

    For now, as I end my feedback, all I can say is I wish you the very best as you continue your learning journey.



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