Lesson I learned from my internship


Note: This is not the ‘Reflection’ post. This is another article about something that I learnt from my internship. Enjoy reading!

This incident happened last year during my four month internship stint at Fairmont. The hotel had invited fifteen students from Unity Secondary School for a short tour of the hotel. After my first month of work, my manager instructed me to share my thoughts about why I chose to work in the housekeeping department, and any interesting learning points to share with the group of students. Due to the short notice time, I was only given ten minutes to prepare my ‘script’.

Ten minutes passed, and the students and my managers have arrived at the designated hotel room. I was extremely nervous as I had decided to demonstrate professional bed making procedures to the students as an extra skill to share with them. I chose to do so because it was one of my favourite job as a room attendant.

However, as this was my first time making a bed in front of so many audiences, I realised that I did not smile throughout the entire sharing session! I also noticed some students looked uninterested and began using their phones to text or browse Facebook. I felt so bad inside for the dull presentation I had given. Luckily, my manager told me that I did not let down the hotel’s five-star reputation as the bed looked wonderful and perfect. I felt encouraged and smiled.

During my train ride back home, I reflected on what I will do differently in this type of situation next time. I thought that smiling and maintaining eye contact with my audiences can probably increase their attention on my presentation. In addition, maybe I should invite some students to try out bed-making too, to increase interaction times with them.

Revised 17 February 2017.


One thought on “Lesson I learned from my internship

  1. Dear Qian Hui,

    Your story was very relatable and I myself felt nervous as I put myself in your shoes as you prepared for your time in the limelight with the students. It is awesome that you are repeatedly given the opportunity to speak to a crowd. I believe that constant exposure to public speaking would allow you to find your own communication techniques and methods.

    In the scenario that you have illustrated, I believe that your need for a script caused additional stress. For such informal sharing, you could have allowed your passion for the industry and your role dictate your delivery. Your speech would flow naturally (without sounding robotic and politically correct, which are some things that a script might result in) and the audience might be able to relate to your emotions and passion.

    Meanwhile, I think that the sentence: “Due to the short notice time, I was only given ten minutes to prepare my ‘script’.” could be worded better as it does not really portray a cause-effect relationship effectively.

    Overall, I am pleased to have read your blog entry as it brings back my own memories in the housekeeping department and the stress that overwhelmed me at times. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts!



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