Personal branding (Week 5)

Question: How do some of the key areas discussed connect to my personal branding?

These days, many individuals have their own personal brand which includes what they want to be associated with when others think of their name. To me, personal branding is one way of increasing my profile and be known for who I am, and what I do best, naturally.

In the post, I have chosen three (3) key areas that connect to my personal branding:

  • Verbal language

Firstly, the type of register used in communicating in different situations can affect the way others perceive me. For instance, during a job interview, it will be more appropriate to use a formal register rather than a casual or intimate register. By using the proper ‘style’ in the right setting, it can boost my credibility.

Social etiquette, which includes social media etiquette can also impact the way I wish to brand myself. Employers may visit the Facebook of potential candidates, as viewing their profile can be one way to know if the person is worth hiring. The type of online posts shared by me (the job applicant), can affect my future employer’s first impression. For instance, sharing frequent posts that include usage of lots of profanity can automatically decrease my chances of being hired tremendously. The image which I portray online can promote a certain type of image by the other party, and these impressions are usually hard to change. This is also the reason why I take great care in ensuring that only great content are shared online, with no sensitive topics.

  • Non-verbal language

Secondly, non-verbal cues such as my behaviour and voice tone can impact my success in school and the workplace. Studies showed that the impact of non-verbal communications significantly changes or enhances the message we are trying to promote. The way I choose to present and express myself can communicate meaning. Do I maintain sufficient eye contact with people I speak to, or do I stare at the ground? Do I give full attention to the people speaking to me by focusing my energy on them, or do I look at my phone and appear disengaged? Behaving in the latter way can be viewed as being unconfident, disrespectful, or rude, and will decrease my personal brand image. Hence, I am now working harder to present myself better by attending more public speaking workshops and grabbing most chances to speak up in class.

  • Johari Window

Lastly, the Johari Window is a very useful way to understand the four different selves by others and by us:



I will like to elaborate more on ‘open self’, which refers to information that is known by myself and others. I think this is the most important quadrant as one key effectiveness in school and the workplace is to know myself well enough. This helps me to share relevant information and improve positive communication, and connection with others. Now that I understand that the best communication happens when the ‘open area’ is biggest, I am always asking for feedback about my work so that my ‘blind self’ can be reduced.

Thank you for reading!

Revised 17 February 2017.


3 thoughts on “Personal branding (Week 5)

  1. Hello Jo!

    I enjoyed reading your blog post on personal branding and agree with you that it is vital to brand ourselves as it would affect one’s career success and his or her potential to achieve greater heights.

    I liked that you mentioned social media etiquette as a factor that would affect the way you brand yourself. In addition to what you have shared, I would like to add on the fact that LinkedIn is also one of the many platforms where employers visit prior to hiring someone. Like Facebook, the type of qualifications, education level and pages one likes would also affect the impression their potential employer might develop.

    Additionally, I too agree that non-verbal communication as well as one’s body language can show whether they are interested or keen in sharing or speaking. It represents a lot more than what we think.

    Lastly, the way you present yourself in class gives me the impression that you are very confident and is always keen in sharing. I like the tone of your voice as it is nicely paced and easy to follow. This allowed me to infer that you are calm even when the entire class is quiet and listening to you speak. However, as I am typing this, I realized that I may be creating another impression of you under the “blind self” or it may also fall under the “hidden self”. Perhaps getting to know more about you in future CPD lessons would help me clear my doubt! Who knows, this may soon fall under the “open self” quadrant!

    Thanks for sharing Jo! I look forward to know you better as well as hearing from you soon! 🙂


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    1. Hi Eline
      Yes, Linkedin definitely is another platform for employers to check on their potential applicants. Thank you for spending time reading and commenting on my post. See you around in school!

      Qian Hui

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  2. Thanks, Jo, for this very pertinent discussion connecting some of the concepts mentioned in class with factors you see as important in your evolving personal brand. My only question is this: So what are you doing, specifically, about each of these?


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